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Who We Are

We are a laid-back, low-drama casual to medium RP/Raiding guild that has been based on the Sisters of Elune server since September of 2007.  We originally hailed under the name of the <Knights of KaelThas>, but due to that character's treachery in lore, we changed our name to the <Knights of the New Dawn> as a look to the future.

As a long-standing guild, we have a wealth of resources available to our members including:

  • A 7-tab guild bank along with a network of banking guilds for large stores of professions materials.
  • Flasks and gems provided to members through member donations.
  • A ranking system that rewards dedicated members with extra bank access and privileges.
  • Our own Ventrilo server.
  • Help with repair bills.
  • An in-character guild chat for roleplay whenever you want it.
  • Currently guild level 25.

Usually we run one 10-man raid of Cataclysm content once a week on Fridays 8-11 pm realm time.  There are often heroic nights, low-level raids, and RP events sprinkled into each week as guild members put them up.  Our guild has always been about what our members make of it, so we encourage even newer members to try out certain events and even schedule one you may be interested in.

All of our guild activity is done in-character, including raids.  While we usually run in a ligher RP mode so that it doesn't interfere with raid function, it is a great place for character interaction.  The only exception to this is when we are pugging additional people to fill roles, though normally we prefer to only do a raid if we have a full guild run.

In order to join, either send an in-character letter to Anrik, Kimbley, Malestranho, and Meriia in WoW, OR you can click on the link to the left that says "Apply to Guild" and follow the instructions.  Please fill out the application as completely and with as much thought as possible.  

**All potential recruits must read through all the information on this page, including our RP Premise, Standards of Behavior, and Roleplaying Expectations.  Your recruiter will require your agreement to these upon acceptance to the guild.**

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The Oath and Hierarchy of the Knights
Standards of Behavior - Gameplay and OOC Matters
Roleplaying Expectations
Triumvirate Rights
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